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  • Welcome to Shree Laxmi Vijay

    Reliable And Affordable Manufacturer & Exporter.

  • Welcome to Shree Laxmi Vijay

    Reliable And Affordable Manufacturer & Exporter.

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Based in Sidhpur Since 1950 India, Shree Laxmi Vijay Iron & Brass Factory is the manufacturer and exporter of a wide range of high quality grain processing machinery such as Isabgol processing machinery, Magaj Tarbuj, Spices cleaning Plant, Mustard dal Plant, Agro Base Machinery, Masala Grinding Machinery, grain grading for the food industry Isabgol Processing Plant on Turnkey basis. Shree Laxmi Vijay Iron & Brass Factory commitment to customer care is total and its mission is to provide high-quality products to its customers.

Manufacture and Exporters India

We manufacture and exports a wide variety of Husk Cleaning Plant, Isabgol Cleaning plant, Isabgol Grinding Automated Plant, Isabgol Grinding Manual Plant, Bucket Elevator, Pressure Destoner, Vaccum Destoner, Grain Polisher Machine, Gravity Separator - (5 Fan), Triangular Gravity Separator, Hammer Mill, MTR Vibro Separator, Round & Centrifugal Sieve, Screw Conveyor, Belt Conveyor.

Our warehousing facilities are adequate and we have an extensive logistics and distribution network to ensure safe, smooth and prompt delivery of our products to you.

Isabgol Plant manufacturers

Isabgol Cleaning plant

Isabgol Cleaning Section: It consists of multiple sieving, multiple purifying, destoning and separating lights. So we can get 99% to 99.9% purity of seed.

Isabgol Grinding Plant

Isabgol Grinding Section: It is multiple of grinding and husk separating. So it can achieve fractions of husk in stages.

Husk Cleaning Plant

Husk Cleaning Section: It is grading and winnowing process to purify the psyllium husk.

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